SkyLight Turns Your iPhone into Microscope

Looking in the microscope is always fun, you can often find something new in the common objects surrounding us. But working with microscope is not always convenient. It is even harder to get the microscope images in the digital format. SkyLight offers a new sleek, compact and easy-to-use universal adapter for iPhone that allows for seeing the image in the microscope on your phone’s screen, save, record and distribute them as needed. According to creators, the new adapter may be successfully used by doctors and nurses working in rural areas and for developing nations connect with patients. To make the SkyLight work, put your iPhone between the two clips on the microscope adapter and move it up and down  and left and right until  the image from the microscope will be centered on your iPhone’s screen. 

Slide the clips around the phone so it will be snugly fitted in the static position. You will get the microscopic image displayed on your iPhone. With SkyLight, it becomes very easy to take a picture or record a video of the object in the microscope. You may save the high resolution microscopic images or videos and share them in the social networks or send by email. Doctors may use the iPhone’s FaceTime application for remote scanning of the sample and giving an immediate answer to the patient. You may use the HDMI/DLNA output to show up the saved microscopic images and videos on large screens at the conferences and meetings. According to the KickStarter portal, the SkyLight adapter is made from a lightweight plastic material and weighs even less than the iPhone itself. The stage where the iPhone is placed is made of a rigid, translucent plastic (polycarbonate) and the base and clips are made of a durable plastic (polypropelene) that can be exploited over and over again.