Skype Integrated code editor

Skype Interviews Integrated Code Editor for Technical Job Interviews

Innovative Technology (IT) does not stop making our lives easier. Microsoft has built a new code editor into its Skype for remote technical job interviews. Remote technical interviews are often full of friction, requiring candidates to flip between their video chatting and testing apps, but Microsoft has found the solution creating this new Skype Interviews features. The interview tool allows candidates to edit code in seven programming languages: these are C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and Python. The very important fact is; you don’t need to sigh in to your Skype you can just access at in the Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browser (version 32 and above). Of cource, we know that there are many interviews with remote technical talent on the market such as HackerRank, Codility, Interview Zen, CoderPad,, HireVue’s CodeVue and others but the advantages of using skype interview is that it makes a regular tool for operating remote video calls of any kind. Bundling in an interview testing feature within Skype could speed up the interview process, as subjects won’t have to switch to a different tool to complete the technical screening. The Browser code editor allows candidates runs their code and check results, and it includes real-time inline syntax emphasizing to help them catch mistakes. The tool only requires the browser, change the language into English visit to After visiting the Skype Interviews website, you should just click to start the interview.
Microsoft plans to develop its business making Skype more competitive in the business market. Adding a tool for HR departments and recruiters that could play an important role in promoting that agenda.