SMS May Restart Windows Mobile Phones

Windows Phone 7.5 with the Microsoft mobile OS running can be shut down after receiving a specific SMS. As the short message is received on the mobile phone, it stops functioning and shuts down in a while. Even after the reboot Messaging hub will no more open on your Windows Phone device. The only chance to get your mobile phone’s regular functionality back is a nightmare called factory reset which is most probably the last thing phone user would like to perform with the phone. The SMS attack is not device specific. It equally harms your phone if you are using HTC’s TITAN or Samsung’s Focus Flash, Windows Phone 7.5 build 7740 or Mango RTM build 7720. 

The bug harms you Windows Mobile Phone also when you  send a Facebook chat message or Windows Live Messenger message to a recipient. The problem was found by Kahled Salameh and posted in his blog at WinRumors. He has even provided a video showing how his mobile phone is going down by opening up a specific SMS. As a result, Windows Phone team leader at Microsoft has been changed, who is instructed by Microsoft CEO to improve Windows mobile OS so it the company could successfully present a Windows Phone 8 in 2012. Additionally, Microsoft has announced a report where he offers a free Windows Phone to the one that will show the SMS text message killing the Windows mobile phones.Previously, Google and Apple have been reporting that the SMS attack problem is also present on iOS and Android devices.