Snake robots

Snake robot ACM-R

Engineers of Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed the flexible pneumatic robot moving at the expense of bends of “body”, like a snake. The snake robot consists of four independently moving segments. On the opposite sides of the segments are located the air cameras, which are created from elastic polymer and are capable to increase considerably in a size at a rating. Air supply in cameras is carried out with help of the valves located on a joint of segments. Process of movement of the device operates the built-in microcomputer. The maximum speed of the snake robot makes only 19 millimeters a second. In the future authors of development plan to increase this speed at the expense of a covering of inflatable cameras scales from which the robot will be able to make a start. In that case the mechanical supports, which are present at a prototype, become unnecessary. The snake robot is not the first prototype of the moving inflatable device. Earlier engineers already showed the robot squid walking by inflatable elastomeric feelers. Also earlier was created the six leg inflatable robot mule having a record ratio of loading capacity and a body weight. One of shortcomings of snake robot is the lowest speed of movement.