PlayStation 4

Sony Unveils PlayStation 4 Console

Sony produced new generation of gaming console PlayStation 4, which is equipped X86 architecture processor. This fact will help game developers to create games easily. PlayStation 4 should compete with Microsoft Xbox console of new generation, which is not presented yet. Now there are three main game producers – Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony, but only Sony released the console of new generation – Wii U. The new DualShock 4 gamepad, PlayStation 4with which PlayStation 4 will be completed, will significantly differ from those, which had used before. The game control device has touch panel and light diodes, which control the gamepad position by camera. The main functions are social functions. For example, gamers can record and exchange with each other some videos from game process. It has many games, among them Killzone actions, Shadow Fall, Infamous, Second Son etc. Sales of the new stationary game console Sony PlayStation 4 will begin at the end of the current year.