Spying Software on Your Smartphone

If you are using Android, BlackBerry or Nokia devices, you should have noticed the Carrier IQ application that is preinstalled in your device when you buy it. You should have no clue that this clandestine application is running in the background of your mobile device and is logging any taken activity, including buttons pressed, Internet search queries, text messages and locations. Basically this was supposed to help mobile carriers and device manufacturers gather data in order to improve their products. Trevor Eckhart, an Android developer, who has first reported on this matter about two weeks ago, had described the security violation cases in his online blog. Company assured Eckhart that there was nothing unusual in the application, that it is 

not  much different than normal error-logging software and certainly didn’t gather granular data like “contents of messages, photos, videos, etc.” However, Eckhart provided a detailed information about the Carrier IQ application behavior and got a cease-and-desist letter from the manufacturer demanding that he stop developing the topic and threatening legal action. They kept denying that the application records the keystrokes as well. As a proof to the spread information, Eckhart has recorded a video which clearly shows that all keys pressed for dialing a number are registered at the Carrier IQ application. By the way, the application cannot be disabled or turned off without rooting the phone and replacing the whole operating system. And even if you stop paying for internet services from your mobile service provider and decide to use Wi-Fi, your mobile device will still keep reporting to the Carrier IQ.
source: www.rt.com

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