5G tested by Samsung

Superfast wireless network 5G tested by Samsung

Samsung carried out tests of technology of wireless data transmission of the fifth generation. According to the company, thanks to 5G it managed to transfer data with speed more than a gigabyte a second on distance of two kilometers. Whether, there is a speech about the settled or peak speed of data transmission on a wireless network, isn’t specified. 64 antennas were involved in test for transfer and signal reception. As expected, the new technology will be available to commercial use not earlier than 2020. Thus completely modified network 5G will support exchange of information at speeds, in hundreds times of 4G-networks exceeding opportunity. 4G supports data transmission with a speed up to hundred megabits a second for mobile subscribers and to gigabit per second for stationary.

According to Samsung statement the new wireless network of the fifth generation will allow subscribers to look through an online content demanding broadband connection at big speeds. It is a question; in particular, about 3D movies of high resolution, games, a live broadcast of video of ultrahigh clearness, which permission of 3840×2160 or 7680×4320 pixels depending on the standard. Also will be possible rendering remote medical services.

Now South Korea is one of the countries with the most developed market of network communication. In particular, services of the companies providing communication of the standard 4G, today in the country about 20 million subscribers use. For comparison, according to CIA World Facebook, the general population of South Korea makes 48,96 million people.