Google talking Shoes

Talking Shoes – the first clever Footwear from Google

Google announced talking shoes Concept at SXSWi.

Unfortunately, the  talking shoes doesn’t issue the user about the hazards, but it aims to translate the movements of the users to the messages. The clever footwear traces actions of the owner, and also praises him for active life or abuses for passivity. There are microcontroller and a set of sensors in the sneakers of  talking shoes . Depending on movement of the person, a sneaker can make sounds by means of loudspeakers. Also the clever footwear can be connected to the smartphone or Google Glass by Bluetooth. But people can’t order up a pair of the this clever footwear, because  it is just a concept developed. Google announced, that in the future the company plans to open a project to more everyday objects. There is no word regarding the price of the  talking shoes .

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