TeleNav Annonced World First HTML5 Browser- based Navigation

TeleNav, one of the largest global wireless location-based services providers, announced that it has created the first HTML5 browser-based, voice-guided, turn-by-turn GPS navigation service for mobile devices. Similar to TeleNav‘s award-winning GPS navigation application, the HTML5 navigation service will include full-color moving maps, audio directions, and automatic rerouting if the driver misses a turn. And since it is browser-based and in HTML5, there’s no need for static mapping services like Google Maps, all developers need to do is add one line of code. This new feature should benefit both developers and consumers, consumers get more fully-featured apps, better maps and precise directions to where they want to go.

developers get more users if word of their app’s functionality spreads and customers never have to leave their application. Customers don’t even have to be TeleNav customers to use the service, all they need is a HTML5-compatible phone or tablet. TeleNav expects to publicly launch its HTML5 service in early 2012.