The Anonymous Hackers attacked the Evernote

Evernote is an internet service, where are stored the users text notes and documents of web pages, and the service has about 50 million visitors. Because of attack of the anonymous hackers the administration of Evernote  was dumped all the passwords of users. The representatives of Evernote service claimed that the Investigation showed, that unknown persons had an opportunity to get access to the user data, including names of users and the e-mail address to which the accounts Evernote are connected. But there were not any signs that any information in account of users which could be available to the third person or to the anonymous hackers, was changed or deleted. In February, about the facts of unauthorized access to the internal servers, reported a number of Internet services and the IT companies — for example, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft. Also was attacked a number American state institutions and mass media, such as New York Times newspapers, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. The American mass media accused the Chinese hackers of cyberattacks. The authorities of China called charges groundless.