DALER walking flying device

The first ever walking pilotless flying device DALER

The Swiss company constructed the unusual flying device which can go. The Swiss Federal Polytechnical School of Lausanne (EPFL) with pride presented the last development. This represents the small pilotless aircraft under the name DALER that is deciphered as Deployable Air Land Exploration Robot on a public inspection. This automated device is able not only to fly by air, but also to go on the ground. For this purpose the DALER flying device successfully uses own wings which have a unique design. Wings of this unusual flying device are established on special rotary mechanisms which when flying fix aerodynamic surfaces in horizontal situation, and at movement on the ground rotate. The maximum speed of movement of this robot by land makes 0,2 m/s. Besides, DALER differs also that can overcome obstacles of different height. Founders of the flying DALER robot claim that it can be used effectively when carrying out search and prospecting operations from air and on a land, having equipped it with special devices, for example cameras and a radar.