Smartphone based on the Sailfish operating system

The first smartphone based on the Sailfish operating system

The Finnish company Jolla, announced the first smartphone on the Sailfish OS operating system on Monday May 20. The device has a dual-core processor, the 4,5-inch screen, the 8-megapixel camera and 16 gigabytes of internal memory. It is capable to be connected to the LTE networks, however supports not all ranges of frequencies. Color replaceable plastic panels became feature of the device. The smartphone automatically arranges a color subject of the screen under color of the panel. The device will go on sale until the end of 2013. At first Jolla will sell it in Europe, but later the device will start delivering and to other regions. The smartphone will cost 399 euro. The Sailfish operating system, which uses the first smartphone in the Salifish, is based on Linux core. It is known that on smartphones on the basis of Sailfish it is possible to start the applications written for Android. Sailfish is continuation of the mobile Mer and Meego projects. Operating system Meego used Nokia. On its basis the company released the Nokia N9 smartphone, which has gone on sale in 2011.