Smallest flying robot in the world

The Harvard robotics created the world’s smallest flying robot

The group of researchers from the Harvard school of engineering work over some kind of record;they create the smallest flying robot in the world. And years later of works experts presented on public court video presentation of the creation under the name RoboBee. Already judging by only the name it is clear that bees became a prototype of these thrones. The size of these flying robots hardly exceeds the size of a coin. Each of such mini-robots is equipped with two membrane formed wings, which are capable to carry out 120 waves a second and to fly, however for the present at quite low speed. Tiny flying thrones are equipped with also piezoelectric elements, which help robots to fly. Big robots can be operated be electromagnetic motors, but for small thrones it is necessary to look for alternative. According to the founders of the robot, the achievement became possible only thanks to successes in creation of new materials, production technologies and designs. Certainly, considering the flying robot sizes, at once thoughts come to mind that the robot will be used first of all as the spy. But the group of researchers hopes, that the robot will be demanded in rescue operations, in pollination grain and in environment supervision.