Mercedes-Benz S-Class 2014

The new Driver Assistance Systems of Mercedes-Benz S-Class 2014

The German producer showed a novelty in Hamburg and declassified all details. The car received evolutionary design; in appearance are combined sports and elegant styles. Dimensional length of a novelty makes 5116 mm, width – 1899 mm, and height in 1483 mm, with a length of the most wheel base equal to 3035 mm.
In an interior of the S-Class 2014 car were used expensive high-quality materials, including a tree, metal and skin. Besides, at forward part of salon there are two 12,3-inch displays, one of which carries out dashboard function, and the second – for management of information and entertaining systems.
In a basic complete set of a magnificent sedan there are driver assistance systems among them are lane monitoring system, system of the help of a parking, the monitoring system of degree of fatigue of the drive and a system for speed restriction.

1. The lane monitoring system

The active contribution to increase of safety of traffic is made by the Package of active systems of the help to the driver. System is entering into its structure, supporting a safe distance to ahead going transport, watching preservation of the chosen lane, warning about passing cars in “dead” zones and optimizing a brake way.

The system adaptive cruise control of DISTRONIC PLUS helps the driver at movement with range from 0 to 200 km/h to support a desirable interval to ahead going car.

Blind spot assist s-class 2014


If danger of collision is registered in the high-speed range from 30 to 200 km/h, and thus the driver doesn’t start braking in time, the brake PRE-SAFE® system starts giving to it light and sound warning signals.

2. The system of a comfortable parking

The PARKTRONIC system with the parking assistance system helps the driver in search of places suitable for a parking.

At movement with a speed up to 35 km/h the ultrasonic sensors located sideways in a front bumper, automatically measure length of sites at a parallel parking. If it is found suitable part for a parking, and the backing is included, it is starting the operation of the parking assistant. Through a combination of devices it starts giving to the driver optical and acoustic indications of necessary turns of a wheel.

3. The monitoring system of degree of fatigue of the drive

The monitoring system of degree of fatigue of the driver of ATTENTION ASSIST is especially useful on long routes and at movement at night. It is distinguishing signs of an accruing carelessness and fatigue of the driver and paying his attention to these facts.

S-CLASS 2014 PRE-SAFE SystemIn the high-speed range between 80 and 180 km/h the ATTENTION ASSIST system gives to the driver sound and optical warning signals as soon as finds signs of his overfatigue or carelessness. Sensors analyze nature of driving, checking it on deviations from in advance recorded profile of driving, individual for each driver.

The monitoring system of degree of fatigue of the driver of ATTENTION ASSIST is offered as an option. It is available in combination with the TFT display on a combination of devices and a three-spoke multipurpose steering wheel.

4. The system for speed restriction

Functions of TEMPOMAT and SPEEDTRONIC systems increase comfortableness and traffic safety. In combination with an automatic transmission these systems are available on a serial basis, and at a choice of mechanical transmission are offered as an option. Pressing of the button it is possible to set the cruiser speed, which will be automatically supported by TEMPOMAT system. And the SPEEDTRONIC system will hold movement speed within the maximum set by the driver, without giving to a control system of the engine to exceed it.

Traffic Sign Assist S-CLASS 2014

Besides three already known modifications (S350 BlueTEC, to S400 Hybrid and S500) Mercedes S-Class 2014 th model will be available in the hybrid S300 BlueTec Hybrid version. Such car is equipped with the 2,1-liter 204-strong Radar system S-CLASS 2014diesel and the 20 kW electric motor. According to the producer, the hybrid is accelerated to 100 km/h in 7,6 seconds and possesses average fuel consumption of 4,4 l / 100 in km.