Robot astronaut Kiboro

The robot astronaut Kiboro will go on the ISS

Group of experts of the Tokyo University and Japanese corporation Toyota presented the humanoid robot astronaut which will go to the first travel on the International Space Station (ISS) in this summer. The purpose of creation of the new robot specially for sending it on the ISS is the desire of scientists to help astronauts to cope with stressful conditions arising at station. New robot weighs only one kilogram, and its height makes 34 centimeters. In a body of the robot which on the colorful design reminds the hero from Japanese animated movies. The whole system of recognition of voices of the people who were by a row and generating of answers is placed. Meanwhile the robot astronaut speaks only language of his founders — Japanese. The name of the robot got out of nearly 2,5 thousand options sent on a personal Internet site of future astronaut. Following the results of vote founders of the robot stopped on name KiboroThe robot astronaut has also a double, which is the robot by the name of Mirata. Externally from Kiboro it is distinguished only by color of a helmet. However Mirata isn’t intended for travel to space. Instead it possesses possibility of self-training through communication with people. Kiboro has to become the full member of the ISS team at the end of summer of this year. Start of the carrier rocket H-2B on which the robot will go to space together with Japanese astronaut Koiti Vakata, is planned for August 3.