Robot PR2

The robot personal assistant taught to predict the future

Staff of the American Cornell university submitted the modified version of the robot — the housekeeper to PR2. Now the robot is able to predict the future actions of the person.
At the heart of ability of the robot to “predictions” lies the principle of comparison of videos.  PR2 has access to a database, where records of the actions, which are carried out by the person in a life, for example are stored, heating of food in the microwave oven, meal and so on.
The robot personal assistant watches the person, is verified with a database and draws conclusions that will make farther. In need of PR2 helps the person.
For example, if the robot saw as the person removes the container with food from a table, he will assume that the container intend to place in the refrigerator. Having made the forecast, the robot will approach the refrigerator and will open a door, having relieved the person of need to carry out this operation.
Tests showed that the most exact are short-term predictions of the robot. The forecast for the next second comes true in 82 percent of cases, for three seconds in 71 percent of cases and for ten seconds in 57 percent of cases.
The program code, which gives to the robot personal assistant ability to predict the future, plans to extend CornellUniversity under the “free” license therefore other users of PR2 at desire will be able to bring in it the completions.
The PR2 robot was developed in the Californian robotic laboratory Willow Garage and went on sale in 2010. The price of robot starts from 285 (the version with one hand) to 400 (the version with two hands) thousand US dollars.
Owners of PR2 program the robot under own needs. So, ability to find a bottle of beer of the necessary brand in the refrigerator, to open it and to give to the user became one of skills, which were gained by the robot. The order of beer is carried out through a web application.


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