Rex robot

The Robot with real heart and blood

The British Rex robot is amazingly similar to the person, as the Rex robot has the real heart, and even blood.  Over creation of the Rex robot worked the whole international team of scientists. As a result – the real miracle of science and equipment turned out. The robot has artificial ears, eyes, face, heart, pancreas, kidneys, liver, tracheas, hand and foot. Instead of blood, on the body of the robot, flow nanoparticles, which transfer oxygen, as well as human blood. Rex is equipped with artificial intelligence, it can communicate with people. Creation of such robot is an important stage in bionic technologies. Naturally, the robot not so sensitive as the person, but, according to the scientists, it only the start. Scientists note that creation of bodies identical by the form is not a problem, but to create bodies which would have the same distinguished mechanism of work, as well as at the person, – here in what a problem. The other internal of the robot, such as respiratory organs, a pancreas, bodies of digestive system, a bladder is in development. The most part of such bodies can’t work without the central management, but the heart and a pancreas can independently work. Today the Rex robot is placed in the London museum of science and cost it about 1 million dollars. It consists of the prosthetic face, hands, feet, knees and hips. All parts of the robot are available on sale.

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