Nokia Lumia 720

The thinnest and easy smartphone Nokia Lumia 720

The new model of Nokia is the easiest and thinnest Lumia 720 smartphone  — 128 grams and 9 millimeters and it very conveniently lie in a hand. Functionally Lumia 720 differs from the next 820th weaker processor, smaller volume of random access memory (512 MB), lack of LTE, smaller permission during the shooting and record of video, but thus the bigger capacity of the accumulator. Lumia 720 can be found in black, white, red, blue and yellow flowers. Some panels are glossy, some – opaque. The case monolithic, and the memory card and the microSIM-card are hidden behind caps, for their opening is applied the special paper clip. There is the 4,3-inch screen in Nokia Lumia 720, permission not the highest, 800 x 480 points. The sensor also is supersensitive and perfectly copes in gloves, nails or styluses. The measured brightness made 565 cd/m2. Despite the minimum thickness and weight among all Nokia smartphones on WP8, in Nokia Lumia 720 is installed the maximum battery on capacity on 2000 mAh. With the accounting of smaller frequency of the processor, a smaller display resolution the smartphone works very long, for two full days. The camera in Nokia Lumia 720 has the maximum aperture among all the smartphones released ever in the world, F1.9 so allows to take very light picture at insufficient lighting. The starting price of Lumia 720 is rather great.