Mirror with the 3d image

The unusual mirror with the 3d image of floating clouds

Designer Adam Frank created a mirror with the 3D image of floating clouds. To look itself in a mirror became already a few banal occupation. Usual reflection even if faultless, any more doesn’t please as earlier. Designer Adam Frank will present to you something new. During the BKLYN Designs 2013 exhibition, the designer presented a mirror of LUCID Mirror, which drew public special attention with the singularity. In appearance this is simple also a usual mirror, ideally smooth and equal, which accurately displays the objects. The mirror has an image of floating clouds in a 3D format. When you will look on the reflection in such mirror, you will see yourselves in soaring clouds and since the morning you will have a positive spirit for all day. Probably, over time the image of clouds will become boring to you and you will want to change it. The designer assumes that in the future it will be possible. Now, to us will be available only mirrors with clouds.