Tiny Nano SIM Will Contribute to iPhone 5

SIM card manufacturer Giesecke and Devrient revealed his plans for the Nano-SIM. The new mobile SIM card will be one third less than the Micro-SIM, as well as a 15% thinner, which can open doors to new, more compact smartphone. The size of Giesecke and Devrient Nano-SIM only 12 x 9 mm (compared, Micro-SIM is 15 x 12 mm), making it almost 60% smaller than Mini-SIM GSM, that used in most mobile phones today. However Nano-SIM compatible also with them. Giesecke and Devrient has submitted samples of the new Nano-SIM to operators. The company hopes if all goes to plan, mean the first Nano-SIMs might show up in commercial devices in 2012, it wouldn’t be surprise if Apple will be one of the first out of the gate.

That would certainly fit in with rumors earlier this year ahead of the iPhone 4S launch that Apple was readying a refreshed iPhone 5 with a significant change in industrial design and specifications. A larger display, slimmer chassis and MacBook Air styling were all tipped, each pointing to Apple chasing more compact components.