Touch Screen Cell Phone for Visually Impaired

DrawBraille is a touch screen cell phone. Basically phone uses Braille alphabet, executed embossing on the surface of the phone that is used as a function of input and output. With a mechanical point forming the input area and the large square models, acting as a display, phone is a normal cell phone, with the functionality of a device that will allow the blind to use it. On the phone posted 210 points that represent 35-digit alphabet of Braille in 5 rows. The user simply slides his fingers over these points, to read the phone menu, to access the phone book, read emails and text messages. Developed by designer Shikun Sahn, touch phone also uses a touch-typing functions to make use of the phone even easier for the blind. 

The product also contains other innovative features, such as checking the battery status by using Braille, lock the touch pad and even the definition of location of nearby public facilities and use the phone as a music player.