How to Transform iPad into Digital Photo Frame

Have you ever thought about using your iPad as a digital photo frame? Of course, the most popular device from Apple has lots of other features worth of using, but just in case you wish to have your iPad used as a digital photo frame, Hammacher has a new product just for you. iPad 2 Photograph Frame from Hammacher  will allow you for transforming your iPad into a digital photo frame. All you need is to store the pictures on your iPad, set them in the desired order and enable the slide show mode. You will need to slide the iPad into the dark cherry Hammacher frame and dock it with the built-in 30-pin connector for charging or synchronizing with a computer. The iPad 2 Photograph Frame has a built-in home button which allows  for pressing the iPad’s button without sliding it out from the frame.

The Hammacher frame has an AC adapter. It may stand both in landscape and portrait positions. Optionally, when the iPad is removed from the iPad 2 Photograph Frame, you may have regular photos of the 8″ x 10″ size stored instead on you frame. This will make the frame a regular photo frame. iPad 2 Photograph Frame sizes are 10×11.75 inches and its weight is around 2.5 lbs. The new iPad 2 Photograph Frame from Hammacher can be ordered online from the Hammacher  website and will cost you $99.95.