Twitter Got a New Look

Tweeter blog has introduced its new version with a simplified design and easier way to follow channels, connect and communicate with friends and share the information.The new version of Twitter got two new tabs: Discover and Connect. According to the information and video shared in the Twitter’s blog, the Discover tab is used for reflecting your interest, the latest updates from the channels and people you are following. Type in the interested topic, celebrity name, famous person, etc. in your tweet with a # symbol in the beginning and you’ll get updates from that channel in your Discover list of your Tweeter. News will be sorted considering your interest and location. In the Connect tab, you may see the tweets from your friends. 

Here you may comminute, share photos, see what your friends have shared, mark the best tweets as favorites, retweet so all of your followers may also see it or answer the tweets. Photos can now be viewed and videos played directly in the tweet – there is no need to jump into a separate frame to see the pictures inside tweets. The design of the Profile and Tweet buttons is also enhanced but the functions behind them did not changed significantly. The new version of Tweeter is available both for online and mobile users. Twitter for iPhone, and Twitter for Android is already available for download, Twitter for iPad is planned someday soon.