txtRng – the Next Generation Stylus

txtRng has introduced an innovative, modern stylus ring dedicated for iPad, iPhone, iPod, iPod nano, Android, Nintendo 3DS and other touch screens and small electronic devices. The txtRng ring is created from the high-grade silicone that is designed to slip on to your thumb index finger and allows for the accurate texting, Internet navigation, drawing, gaming and typing on touch screens. Among varieties of touch screen pens available in the market, the txtRng ring allows for manipulating the pressure of your figure which can be useful when working with different advanced designing and graphical tools. By using this innovative txtRng ring, your actions will become accurate and faster.

The ring appears to be a natural way of using your fingers for manipulating your touch screen devices. You may purchase your own txtRng ring on manufacturer’s website at the price of $29.99.

source: www.ubergizmo.com