US Confirms NASA Supersonic Aircraft

US President Donald Trump announced in his 2019 budget plans to develop the new experimental supersonic aircraft.
The Supersonic aircraft is aimed at making “flight greener, safer and quieter; all while developing aircraft that travel faster, and building an aviation system that operates more efficiently,” said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. NASA is calling its quieter sonic boom design “low boom” technology. The agency has been working with engineers from Lockheed’s legendary Skunk Works aviation facility in Palmdale, California, birthplace of iconic aircraft designs such as the U.S. Air Force SR-71 Blackbird surveillance plane and the F-117 Nighthawk stealth attack aircraft. Together NASA and Lockheed have been learning how to “tune” or “shape” a plane’s sonic boom “signature” through its design. NASA has stated that the goal of the project is to create a jet “so quiet hardly will be notice by the public”.
Vice President Pence said: “Like the railroads that brought American explorers, entrepreneurs and settlers to tame the Wild West, these groundbreaking new technologies will open untold opportunities to extend the range of American action and values into the new worlds of outer space and by fostering much stronger partnerships between the federal government and the realm of industry, and bringing the full force of our national interest to bear, American leadership in space will be assured.”

Supersonic aircraft

Source: NASA,