Veebot robot capable to take blood from a vein more safely than a human


The blood capture on the analysis is the most widespread medical procedure. The study captures as one of the most vital issues in medicine. About 20% of attempts to take blood from the vein from the first are failures. In each of 5 cases, the doctor doesn’t get to a vein from the first; it involves additional expenses for medical institutions and complications for patients. The Veebot robot was developed for the solution of this problem. The robot copes with this task quite easily. Clinical tests of the robot, capable of doing blood from a vein, will occur this year.

blood from a vein

The robot uses the camera, infrared illumination, and special software to define a place where there is a vein. The vein is also investigated with the help of ultrasound to be convinced that it is enough thickness for a puncture. The process of taking the blood from a vein takes about one minute. The nurse needs only to bring the corresponding test tube. At the moment, Veebot defines a vein arrangement in 83% of cases. By the beginning of clinical tests, developers plan to increase this indicator to 90%. Veebot does the analysis safe for patients and the medical personnel and economically effective for medical institutions.


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