Apple Announced to Release Wireless Charging AirPods in 2019

Apple Announced to Release Wireless Charging AirPods in 2019

In the quarter of 2019 we will meet an updated AirPods better to say we will meet wireless charging AirPods. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, the product upgrade will include a new AirPods case with “rigid-flex board” internal components, as well as possibly improved Bluetooth 5.0 spec, revised W-series chips and more heat-resistant hinges.

According to “Kuo forecasts dramatic unit growth for AirPods with units rising from 16 million units in 2017 to over 100 million by 2021. He calls them Apple’s most popular accessory ever. He indicates that existing iPhone users are more likely to buy AirPods than upgrade their phone itself. Kuo refers to the 1Q2019 update as a ‘model with wireless charging support’, which at first sounds like the wireless charging case Apple originally announced with the AirPower mat in September 2017.”

“Interestingly, Kuo also says that the new AirPods will have upgrades to the Bluetooth spec. This seems to suggest that the AirPods themselves will be getting an upgrade, alongside the case. It sounds like that Apple will fulfil its original promise of selling the AirPods wireless charging case as a separate add-on accessory for existing AirPods owners, and release a minor revision to the whole product at the same time — which includes the wireless charging case” mentions

Kuo did not mention the AirPower mat at all in today’s report, despite the obvious link between the AirPods case and the seemingly-dead-or-delayed Apple charging mat. Kuo said that expected new wireless charging AirPods and AirPower will come in late 2018 or early 2019.

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