World First Aircraft With Live Television and Internet

Gulf Air has launched the world’s first aircraft with live television and internet on flight, aboard their A330-200 aircraft. The ‘Sky Hub’ communication and entertainment system offers passengers on board full broadband connectivity to access internet, mobile phone services and live TV. The Panasonic’s Global Communications Suite is being installed across Gulf Air’s entire fleet of aircraft progressively. The carrier will offer two-way broadband connectivity at speeds of up to 50 Mbps to the aircraft, enabling faster browsing, chatting and other internet-based services. Devices can be connected to the in-flight Wi-Fi network, and by logging into the service through Deutsche Telekom. 

Panasonic’s mobile voice and data service, offered in collaboration with AeroMobile’s in-flight mobile phone technology, will enable passengers to use their mobile phone, Smartphone or BlackBerry device to call, text, email, browse the internet and use other applications throughout the flight. They will also be able to use GSM-enabled tablets and laptops to go online in flight.