World Smallest Desktop Now Available

Almost a year has passed since CompuLab introduced the compact Fit-PC3 desktop system which is in fact so small it can fir inside the palm or your hand, and now this AMD APU powered system has finally become available for purchase. The world’s smallest computer Fit-PC3 is now available in various configurations with prices starting at $403 (299 EUR). The fit-PC3 can be powered by either the AMD G-T56N or the AMD G-T40N APUs designed for embedded systems. Both of these are dual-core Bobcat chips, but differ when it comes to their operating frequencies, on-die graphics and TDP. Processor AMD G-T56N operates at a clock frequency of 1.6 GHz and includes graphic core Radeon HD 6310, which operates at 500 MHz.

Chip AMD G-T40N is different nominal frequency of 1 GHz and works together with a graphics core Radeon HD 6250, whose frequency is 280 MHz. It can not play video Full HD, but it supports such file formats and codecs as H.264, VC-1 and MPEG2. One of the superiority of the chip AMD G-T40N is the low rate of TDP of 9W, while the rate power dissipation of G-T56N is 18W. Both new products are distinguished by a passive cooling system, have two SO-DIMM slots and mini-PCI Express. Dimensions of new device are 160 x 160 x 25 millimeters. There are also USB 2.0 (x6), eSATA (x2), HDMI (x1), DisplayPort (x1), Ethernet network adapter and the model of wireless Wi-Fi.