World’s First Glasses-Free 3D-Monitor with Eye-Tracking LG DX2000

South Korean company LG has announced a new Glasses-Free LED-display with integrated webcam, which is not only used for video conferencing, but also for tracking movements of the user’s eye (Eye-tracking). Model DX2000 has a screen size of 20 inchesand support for 3D-technology without the need for special stereoscopic glasses.Biometric sensor reads the trajectory of eye movements and rate of change of pupil diameter, which help to  make the perfect setting 3D-image regardless of the angle of the monitor or users’ position. Additionally provides the function of translation of image from the format 2D to 3D.In the Korean market LG DX2000 will be available in the near future and will be offered at a price of 1.29 million won, which is approximately $1210.