Lifebook by Alan Donnelly

Alan Donnelly, a product designer from Dublin, designed a new device, the Tablet PC Lifebook. To create the new tablet will be used quite actual technologies. With Lifebook you can control display without having to touch by hands. The computer has a special built-in cameras that track the movement of pupils of the eyes and the movement of the hands ofthe user

Genius Ring Mouse

Genius company has developed and presented in IFA 2010 a funny mouse, called Ring Mouse , which put on the index finger, while pressing on the left and right buttons made ​​with the thumb. Now Genius announced that their Ring Mouse will be available in North America

Asteroid 2009 BD and Earth

An asteroid called 2009 BD came within 215000 miles of Earth According to scientists asteroid is a small object only 7 meters which doesnt represent any threats Scientists think that after the close pass, asteroid 2009 BD didn’t recede into the depths of space, it will remain within 10 lunar distances of us for the next month or so.

Eco Laptop Luce

Eco Laptop Luce is the brainchild of Andrea Ponti. Device can be proud to be called the sexiest laptop on the solar panels in the world. Created from an ultra-light polycarbonate, the computer can boast of two photovoltaic panels mounted on the lid of the laptop and keyboard.

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