The Water of Lunar Magma

NASAs researchers has measured for the first time water from the moon in the form of tiny globules of molten rock which have turned to glass like material trapped within crystals This measurements show that the water content of lunar magma is 100 times higher than previous studies suggested. Water contents ranging from 615 to 1410 parts per million

Computerized Clothing for Future

A British designer Jenny Tillotson developed new technology called Smart Second Skin This technology calls for a system of micro pumps and micro tubes that work together to produce fragrances that are pulsed electronically which giving the wearer a suitable olfactory aura.The most basic form of this technology would generate simple aromatherapy to increase wearer’s. According to Jenny Tillotson mood-enhancing effects can have an impact of behavior, learning, it’s a hot wire to the brain.The clothing would incorporate tiny tubes throughout the lining of a cloth. Also the clothing could connect to biometric sensors that track the wearer’s heart rate or stress levels and could relax the user during stressful situations.

Keyless Lifebook

Laura Lahti developed touchscreen keyboard called Keyless Lifebook.This touchscreen keyboard is completely customizable in whatever way you want So you can choose exactly which keys you want on your keyboard and even where you want them placed

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