A Wearable LED Television

The Video Coat is a color TV set built into a lab coat. It is a 160×120 pixel color LED display, built on flex boards.This television set displays regular NTSC video. The TV is driven by circuit boards on the shoulders and hips.The display strips are narrow flex boards, joined by flat flex cables.

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Talking Robot

At the exhibition Robotech in 2011, Professor Sawada of Japan’s Kagawa University, has demonstrated a robot that can reproduce facial expressions and real human speech.A similar result was achieved by artificially created elements, simulating the lungs, vocal cords and nasal cavity.

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Windows 8 is Coming

Company «Microsoft» released the first version of the new operating system «Windows 8», which is available for preview. This operating system will run on standard and Tablet PC.In this system, the creators have made big changes and improvements, if compared with the well-known operating system «Windows XP».The interface of the new OS «Windows 8» is very similar to the interface «Windows Mobile 7» operating system for smartphones.

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The Influence of Solar Wind to Earth

According to Group of South Korean scientists the speed of the solar wind, a stream of charged particles, emanating from the Sun, may have a direct impact on the weather, increasing the atmospheric pressure even at mid-latitudes.The speed of the solar wind can vary widely from 250 to 800 kilometers per second at the boundary of Earth’s atmosphere. Periods of rapid growth of the solar wind’s speed is usually observed during high solar activity.

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New Theory about Birth of Monster Black Holes

Team of scientists found that black holes in the center of galaxies are transformed into super-bright X-ray sources not as a result of collisions with other galaxies, as previously thought, but by internal processes in stellar systems.In the center of many of the large spiral galaxy are hidden supermassive black holes. Their weight in the millions and even billions of times greater then the mass of the Sun.

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With the help of his aircraft Yves Rossy could fly like a bird.With 4 jet engines, with specially constructed wings and suit, he launches them after jumping from an airplane or a helicopter and flies. Drawing a parallel between the management of other aircraft, Rossy’s suit doesn’t have steering control. In order to control the direction of flight, he uses his own body, arching into the right position.The flight speed is 300 km / h at an altitude of 3 km

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Electronic Handheld Dictionaries

Company Sharp has introduced two new handheld electronic dictionary. New items known by the name Sharp Brain PW-AC30 and PW-AC40. The first , PW-AC30, supported entry of handwritten Chinese characters, and the second, PW-AC40, Korean.Both dictionaries have 2.4-inch color touchscreen display with QVGA resolution, a 3.5mm audio jack and a full QWERTY keyboard.

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