Solar Panels Generate Energy for a High Speed Train

High-speed international trains,which runs between linking Paris and Amsterdam, the first in Europe use electricity generated by solar panels.The 3.6-kilometer tunnel crossing Antwerp, in northern Belgium, is fitted with 16,000 solar panels covering 50,000 square meters. The panels produce 3,300 megawatts of electricity per hour.According to Steven De Tollenaere, head of project developers Enfinity, during use electricity, the energy losses and transport costs are excluded.

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Suns Powerful Eruption

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft viewed Coronal mass ejection on June 7, 2011. This event registered as a Class M-2 solar flare, which is a medium-class sun storm that should not be a danger to satellites or infrastructure on Earth.The Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) observed the flare’s peak at 1:41a.m

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Solar Panel for Tablets

Experts from Pixel Qi, a company that specializes in displays with low power consumption, have decided to develop a solar panel which could easily provide power portable gadgets. The company recently introduced its latest system at Computex 2011.The system is designed for installation on Tablet PCs to help them run entirely on solar energy.

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Robot Solve the Rubiks Cube

Team of students from Suinbernskogo University of Technology have developed a robot named Ruby that could solve the Rubik’s cube.The machine is able to solve the 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube in 10.69 seconds. Recorded time includes the time it takes the machine to scan the cube before the decision

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