Brain Controlled Car

Devices that pick up brain waves and translate them into mechanical action are being developed to control prosthetic limbs, robots and video games. Soon you’ll be able to control your television and phone. But now comes the BrainDriver, a car that is driven entirely by your thoughts.It’s a new application of the brain-computer interface to allow human drivers to control their car without a steering wheel.Researchers, led by led by Raul Rojas, a professor of artificial intelligence at the Freie Universitat Berlin, use an “Emotiv neroheadset” to record brain activity in the driver. The neuroheadset is a electroencephalography, or EEG, originally developed for video games by San Francisco-based company Emotiv. Before a driver even steps into the car, they have to go through several rounds of mental training. That’s when the driver learns how to move virtual objects just by thinking of moving them.

NASA Officially Set a Launch Date for Shuttle Discovery

After many hours of meetings at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, NASA’s top officials unanimously approved the launch of space shuttle Discovery, which will be held next Thursday. NASA managers decided on Feb. 18 during the analysis of mission readiness, where they discussed the current state of the Discovery, International Space Station, and astronauts who will accompany the shuttle during its 39-second and last flight. After the meeting, NASA officially set the date and time shuttle launch: February 24, at 4:50 pm EST.

First Phone With Dual-Core Processor Optimus 3D

LG unveiled its latest phone, called the Optimus 3D, at the Mobile World Congress, which opened this week.The company has tested his device by Quadrant and received a final score of 2,958 points. It is worth noting that the estimate of most modern phones based on Android, rarely exceed the mark of 1400 points.

New Tablet From HTC

This week, the Taiwanese company HTC has introduced its new tablet. The presentation was held at the Mobile World Congress in Spain. According to the company, at the time of its device is the most competitive in the emerging market.Nevertheless, today many companies claim that their product is one of the best, whether it’s because their device is the first running Android 3.0, the first time can show 3D-content without any special glasses or has the support of 4G.

Brain Controlled Prosthesis

One of the biggest breakthroughs in the field of prosthetics has been made recently.The researchers could develop artificial limbs which are controlled by the brain user. Researchers are working to increase the flexibility of their prostheses.Their latest invention works in the following way: the user must consider the motion, after which the brain signals detected by sensors and transmitted to the prosthetic limb. it is impossible not to note that most amputees have lost control over the nerves. However, for restoring this control, Mr. Sullivan can use the new prosthesis. At present, the researchers at Northwestern University in the U.S.are studying different models of the brain to find out whether they can be used artificial limbs or not, according to Tech2.0.

Portable Mechanical Charger

Have you ever thought about charging the battery by using a simple spring force?EnomHwaang and Ming Ho Kahn developed a new device for recharging batteries anywhere and at any time, regardless of the electrical network. Device uses a purelymechanical energy and has high efficiency. The recharging batteries is very simple. It is just creating a device like a clock and insert the battery into the slot. The operation is similar to the old clockwork toys. Device installed inside the spring which is gradually unwound, driving the shaft of the generator and producing a current. Spring and rechargeable batteries are connected to each other via the internal circuitry.

High Speed Hybrid Scooter Concept

Designed designer Ramon Ramirez, 2ICE (pronounced Twice), is a hybrid high-speed single bike and a scooter for two.Fully electric bike is equipped with a built-in electric motor that works not only on the external charge, but also uses electricity generated from the rotation of the wheel and its inhibition. A similar regenerative braking technology available today.Inaddition, 2Ice advantage is that you can go to one and at any time to themselves to plant another passenger. Being completely harmless, this is guaranteed to deliverelektrobayk the environment from carbon emissions.

Apple Unveils Subscription Service On App Store

Apple unveiled a subscription service on Tuesday for digital newspapers and magazines purchased through its online App Store.The company said that music and video subscriptions will also be available through the App Store and will be subject to the same terms and conditions as newspaper and magazine subscriptions.Apple will take a 30-percent cut of the revenue for subscriptions sold through applications featured in its App Store.However, there will be no revenue sharing for digital subscriptions sold through a publisher’s own website.But Apple said in a statement “that same subscription offer must be made available, at the same price or less” to customers who wish to subscribe from within an application.

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