New Detector for Gravitational Waves

For many yeras scientists have been trying to detect gravitational waves but nothing happens. Now new research suggests that with the help just one more detector scientists will be able to achieve success. So four gravitational wave detectors are currently in operation.In proposals have been submitted to build three more, one each in Japan, Australia and India

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Is Exist White Holes ?

Until now all knowledge of White Holes were based only on assumptions According to astronomers White Hole is an antithesis of the Black Hole It creates a matter,which ejected into space So its possible thats the reason that on the place of fire GRB 060614 nothing could be seen

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Endeavours Final Landing

Space Shuttle Endeavour returns to Earth after final mission. Endeavour makes its final landing at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on June 1, 2011 to end the STS-134 mission, the shuttle’s final spaceflight and NASA’s second-to-last shuttle mission

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Rotating of Black Holes

supermassive black holes, which is located in the centers of most galaxies of the universe, rotate much faster than ever in the history of the universe.In their study, they based from the assumption that the twin jets of matter indicate that the black hole rotates.Martinez Sansigre and Roulins conducted computer simulations of how the power of these jets depends on the speed of rotation of a supermassive black hole, and then compared the results of this simulation with the real observations of X-ray

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