Robotic Hand Can Type Insted of People

That’s supposedly what people with mobility problems will one day be able to say to their robot companions if engineers at Virginia Tech in the US get their way. They want to create robots with the manual dexterity to operate the machines people regularly encounter in everyday life, whether they are plain old computers, drinks vending machines, bus/tram/train ticketing machines or shopping mall info kiosks. But there’s a problem: right now, the robotic hands that have been developed for tasks such as spacecraft maintenance (like NASA’s Robonaut), defusing IEDs (as Shadow Robot has suggested) or the astonishing nerve-controlled prosthetic limbs from TouchBionics, are all geared for their own tasks – and not for circa 30-words-per-minute typing or sundry button-pressing tasks by robots.

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Laptop With Eye Controlled Interface

Billed as a global first, a laptop allowing users to open files, play music and view pictures using just the power of their eyes was turning heads Wednesday at the CeBIT, the world’s top tech fair. .The otherwise unremarkable laptop integrates cutting-edge “eye tracking” technology by Swedish firm Tobii that follows the movement of the user’s eyes and allows him or her to operate menus and select icons.The prototype is also good for the environment as it recognizes when you are not looking at it and automatically goes into screen saver mode, saving energy, Tobii says. It restarts as soon as the user glances at the monitor again. The technology is already used in other areas, including in car safety where a sensor tracks eye movement to determine whether the driver is drowsy, and in helping paralyzed people operate everyday objects just with their eyes.

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Microsoft Touche Screen Table for Casino

Today, touch screen technology widely used in information kiosks,tablets, equipment for trade automation, operator panels in the industry. As we know, the touch screen – a device that is a screen that responds to touch his finger, and serves to input / output of various kinds of information. Among the advantages of devices with such a system marked by the following: resistance to various external influences, dust and moisture protection, as well as a very correct and reliable operation. Of course, the touchscreen has its drawbacks that developers are active in the struggle. It should be noted the lack of tactile feedback, limited accuracy of positioning actions of the operator on the touch screen without a cursor, difficulty to the screen without special coatings for fingerprints, the complexity of working with different kinds of screens, for example, with a vertical screen, the user is forced to feel the weight of by virtue of this circumstance the duration of the data screens becomes episodic.

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Discovery Shuttle Arrives at Space Station

Discovery Shuttle Arrives at Space Station

The space shuttle Discovery docked at the International Space Station on Saturday for a final time, NASA said, as the American spacecraft embarks on its last mission in orbit before retirement. The shuttle, which blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center here on Thursday is on a 11-day mission, which includes two spacewalks. The shuttle is also bringing the first humanoid robot to the ISS. The Robonaut 2, or R2, is a joint project of General Motors and NASA and will stay behind as a permanent resident of the space station when Discovery leaves.

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