A New Service for Owners of Volvo Cars

Volvo Car Corporation offers a new service for owners of Volvo cars from a mobile application developed by the Swedes, which give the ooportunity to control the car at a distance.For control a car need an iPhone or any smartphone that runs on OC Android, and aslo car must have the latest version of Volvo On Call system, which appears in the new Volvo models since 2012

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NASAs Calipso satellite

NASA’s Calipso satellite, which is the prolific Earth-observation satellite, took the image on June 2 using laser and infrared ranging instruments and has since gone on to take more imagery.The Calipso satellite was lunched in 2006 and traveled more than 750 million miles (1.2 million kilometers) as it orbits the Earth, NASA officials said in a statement.

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