France Solar Energys Factory

Recently the French government announced the launch of several new ecological projects that are designed to promote the production of solar energy and which will bring France into the first place in Europe for producing electricity from the sun.So, according to this, in France must construct the factory to collect solar energy

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Toshibas Flexible OLED-Panel

Toshiba has developed a flexible OLED-panel running on thin-film’s transistor (TFT) on oxide semiconductors.As a substrate Toshiba’s engineers used a plastic material by reducing the maximum temperature in the production process of oxide transistors to 200 ˚ C.Size of the display

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The Water of Lunar Magma

NASAs researchers has measured for the first time water from the moon in the form of tiny globules of molten rock which have turned to glass like material trapped within crystals This measurements show that the water content of lunar magma is 100 times higher than previous studies suggested. Water contents ranging from 615 to 1410 parts per million

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