The Green Ring of Dust

With the help NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope astronomers can see the glowing emerald nebula, called RCW 120, which like the glowing ring wielded by the superhero Green Lantern. Astronomers believe rings like this are actually sculpted by the powerful light of giant “O” stars, which are the most massive type of star known to exist.

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New Alien Planets

France’s CoRoT satellite detected the 10 in advance unknown alien planets, and all of which are gaseous like Saturn or Jupiter, including two Neptune-like objects that circle the same star,.According to scientists the new discoveries highlight the diversity of worlds beyond our solar system and increase count of extrasolar planets up to 565

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The First Direct Evidence About Existence of Black Holes in the Early Universe

With the help NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory astronomers found the first direct evidence that massive black holes were common in the early universe. This discovery shows that very young black holes grew more aggressively than previously thought, in tandem with the growth of their host galaxies.By pointing Chandra at a patch of sky for more than six weeks, astronomers obtained what is known as the Chandra Deep Field South

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Mobile Device as Universal Remote

Griffin Technology Inc., one of the world’s foremost creators of innovations for everyday life, and Dijit Media, a San Francisco-based software company, have partnered to create Beacon™ Universal Remote Control System, a wireless AV controller,that, when paired with an iOS device, uses your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to control everything in your home entertainment system without networking.Beacon connects compatible iOS device

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Headmouse Free Virtual Mouse

Spanish specialists from the University of Leydy with Indra, the project “Available technology “, created the virtual mouse, called Headmouse.This designed for people which suffer from diseases that don’t allow them to use a traditional mouse.The program doesn’t require preliminary training. It’s suitable for any computer equipped with a webcam.

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