Dwarf planet

Dwarf Planet Haumea

Researchers from European Southern Observatory (ESO) using a giant telescope in the Chilean find that Haumea, which is the one of the five dwarf planets of the SolarSystem, and one of its satellites, Hi’iaka, covered with brilliant layer of crystalline ice, formed as a result of the tidal gravitational forces and the decay of radioactive elements that make up these Plutoid.

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Satellite of Jupiter IO Volcanos

Magma Ocean Under Jupiter Moon IO

According to new data analysis from NASA’s Galileo spacecraft, scientists discovered magma ocean under Jupiter’s volcanic moon Io. Jupiter’s moon Io is the most volcanically active moon of all the solar system and it throws annually on its surface lava about 100 times larger than Earth.The new research was conducted by scientists at the University of California,

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Dying stars

Dying stars will be reborn in one

Scientists have discovered a binary system of two dying stars, known as white dwarfs,which will be collide and birth to one new star. The newly identified binary system, designated SDSS J010657.39–100003.3, is located about 7,800 light-years away in the constellation Cetus, the Whale, and was discovered as part of a survey program conducted with the MMT Observatory on Mount Hopkins, Ariz.

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