Google AI Can Identify Voices Just Looking at People’s Faces

Researchers explain how a new deep learning system (google AI) is able to identify voices just looking at people’s faces as they speak. It was released in a paper titled, “Looking to Listen at the Cocktail Party”. “People are remarkably good at focusing their attention on a particular person in a noisy environment, mentally “muting” all other voices and sounds,” Inbar Mosseri and Oran Lang, software engineers at Google Research noted in a blog post.

Does Megalodon Shark Still Exist in the Deep Ocean?

Megalodon shark, which means “big tooth”, is a dead species of shark that lived approximately 23 to 2.6 million years ago. It is estimated that megalodon shark was the largest shark that had ever lived on Earth and one of the largest vertebrate predators in history. Before passing its existence let us, discover some facts about this frightful animal. Megalodon shark was extremely huge. Its teeth have been over 17 centimeters (7 inches) in total height, but the majority are between 3 and 5 inches (still, massive).

University of Waterloo in Canada Launches Its First AI Research Lab

Canada has taken one more step to study the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI). The Waterloo Artificial Intelligence Institute launches its first AI research lab concentrating on developing AI solutions for healthcare, environmental protection, urban planning, manufacturing, autonomous systems and human-machine interactions. The Waterloo Artificial Intelligence Institute will bring together a group of researchers and businesses to “advance technology and prepare Canada for future economic disruption,” stated the government in a press release.

Welcome to the First Luxury Space Hotel Which Will Launch in 2021

Aurora Station has a plans to become the world’s first luxury space hotel in orbit 200 miles above the Earth’s surface. According to Aurora Station their luxurious accommodations will contain private suites for two, the most number of windows ever created for spaceflight, weightlessness, and the world’s only authentic astronaut experience. They are going to launch in 2021. “We are launching the first-ever affordable luxury space hotel,” said Orion Span founder and CEO Frank Bunger, who revealed the Aurora Station idea at the Space 2.0 Summit in San Jose, California.

NASA Juno Mission Organized 3-D Flight of Jupiter’s North Pole

Scientists working on NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter shared a 3-D flyover video captured by NASA’s Juno spacecraft. Those are among the items revealed during the European Geosciences Union General Assembly in Vienna, Austria, on Wednesday, April 11. The data had been collected by Juno mission scientists of Jovian InfraRed Auroral Mapper (JIRAM). Imaging in the infrared part of the spectrum, JIRAM captures light emerging from deep inside Jupiter equally well, night or day. The instrument probes the weather layer down to 30 to 45 miles (50 to 70 kilometers) below Jupiter’s cloud tops.

Are There Aliens on Cigar-Shaped Asteroid Oumuamua? Let’s Find Out Together

What do you think are there aliens living on the cigar-shaped asteroid Oumuamua? To find out the astronomers in the outback of Western Australia used the Murchison Widefield Array telescope to eavesdrop on the rocky visitor. They found out “We found no such signals with non-terrestrial origins,” the researchers wrote in the paper. Scientists learned about the mysterious, reddish space rock last year when it was spotted by the Pan-STARRS1 telescope in Hawaii in October.

New Updated Gear IconX Earbuds Are Just Released

Samsung has just announced updated Gear IconX software (2018). If you cannot imagine your life without any headphone because you need listening to music during on your way or just during reading, working or even cleaning the house, therefore these new updated earbuds are for you. We are going to introduce you some updated features related to Gear IconX software which may arouse your interest. Samsung’s Gear IconX headphones were made for those users who are always on the move, and need a software that can keep up.

Sperm Whale Was Found Dead After Swallowing 64 Pound of Plastic Debris

A sperm whale was found dead on the Murcian coast in southern Spain. A sperm whale swallowed 64 pound of plastic debris which is awful. The El Valle Wildlife Rescue Center said that the sperm whale was killed by gastric shock to its stomach that is to say after swallowing 64 pounds of plastic. The autopsy found plastic bags, nets, ropes, plastic sacks, and even a plastic jerrycan in the whale’s stomach and intestines.

Greenland Has a Strange Dark Zone that Is Getting Darker

There is a dark zone on Greenland’s ice sheet which is getting darker according to the new survey. In accordance with a viewpoint of a professor when we look at Greenland’s ice sheet from above, it looks like a massive field of white brilliant for the most part. On top of that, it also seems to be melting faster than it should.  “What we show is that the dark zone is covered in a finely distributed layer of dust and black carbon, which provide nutrition for dark-colored algae,” study co-author Alun Hubbard, a professor at Norway’s Centre for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate, said in a statement.

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