Two Headed Snake Has Been Discovered in Louisiana

This two headed snake which is very extraordinary is found in Louisiana. Wildlife educator Tanee Janusz, 39, adopted the western snake when a fellow member of her naturalist society found it slithering around his garden. She named these two headed snake Gumbo and Filo as a tribute to their hometown, New Orleans. The twins share a tail, but sometimes they can’t control the direction of their shared body, because Gumbo is more dominant than Filo.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Beaches Around the World

One of the satisfying and pleasant places in the world is considered the beaches, but not always they are safe, there are some dangerous beaches that isn’t recommended to visit. Some of them are actually very dangerous for numerous reasons. If you would like to enjoy a quiet and adrenaline-free vacation, you should avoid these top 10 most dangerous beaches.

Which Is the Most Dangerous Steel Roller Coaster of the World?

We think that each of us are scared about the roller coaster, and this question “which is the most dangerous steel roller coaster?” is interested each of us. But before passing the main topic, we would like to inform you that, scientists proved that roller coasters are safer than almost any recreational activity that can be done (apart from sleeping).  You are far more likely to die/be injured in the car on the way to or from a theme park than you are on any given flat ride or roller coaster.

Asteroid 2018 LA Has Just Been Discovered by NASA

New asteroid 2018 LA has been detected on June 2, which was “determined to be on a collision course with Earth, with impact just hours away.” The asteroid 2018 LA is supposed to be only 6 feet (2 meters) across, which is considered very small. The new asteroid was first found by the NASA-funded Catalina Sky Survey, that is situated near Tucson and operated by the University of Arizona.

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