Diamond Became the Reason for finding the hottest temperature On Earth

Diamond is the most concentrated form of pure carbon in the natural world and the strongest mineral on Earth. It is the women’s second best friend which is really reliable, but now as if diamond helped scientists to find the hottest temperature recorded on Earth. A chance finds in the remote Labrador wilderness found out to be evidence of the hottest-known temperature on Earth’s surface, according to new research.

Robonaut 2 Will Return to Earth at the End of This Spring

NASA’s Robonaut 2 which costs $2.5 million is the first humanoid ever to fly in space. Robonaut 2 was launched on STS-133 on February 24, 2011. NASA indicates “Robonauts are essential to NASA’s future as we go beyond low Earth orbit”, and Robonaut 2 will provide performance data about how a robot may work side-by-side with astronauts”. Robonaut is expected to come back at the end of this spring as early as May.

Robotic Fish Can Discover the Secret Life of Ocean Wildlife

In a new study published in Science Robotics, researchers at MIT reveal robotic fish of its kind ever built. Armed with a camera and a lifelike wiggle, the device could one day help biologists observe the health of marine habitats without stressing out their aquatic denizens. MIT has designed and built a soft-bodied robot that looks and swims exactly like a fish. It is so realistic that even Fish in Fiji cannot understand that is not a real.

WhatsApp Co-founder said It’s time to Delete Facebook

WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton had a simple and short message in his tweet on March 21: “It’s time to delete Facebook.” It is very strange that Brian Acton, the co-founder WhatsApp, posted such message. He became a multi-billionaire when Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014, and now he tweeted this words “It is time” followed by the hashtag “#deletefacebook,” which has become very actual in recent days.

Chinese Space Station Is Supposed to Fall into Earth On March 30

China’s first prototype station, Tiangong-1, is supposed to fall into Earth at some point between March 30 and April 6. An out-of-control Chinese space station with “highly toxic” chemicals on board may hit a number of major world cities. New York and parts of Europe are among the most likely targets. In accordance with researchers a number of highly populated cities including New York, Barcelona, Beijing, Chicago, Istanbul, Rome and Toronto could also be hit.

NASA Hammer Spacecraft Will Save the World From the Asteroid

NASA Hammer spacecraft is going to save  our lives. Asteroid Bennu has a 1 in 2,700 chance of hitting Earth the 21th of September in 2135. But don’t worry NASA has a plan to destroy it using nuclear bombs before it reaches here. The chances of Bennu actually making contact with Earth is highly unlikely, but the US government wants to make sure that this threat is neutralized. Bennu is currently about 54 million miles from Earth and orbits Sun.

Space Radiation May Be More Dangerous for Astronaut Than We Imagine

University of New Hampshire researchers have recently claimed that there is as a minimum 30 percent more dangerous Space radiation in our solar system than we have imagined before, which may cause a danger for both humans and satellites who venture there. According to the Researchers astronauts may obtain different kinds of space radiation sickness or maybe more serious long-term health effects, including cancer and damage to the heart, brain, and central nervous system indicated Nathan Schwadron, a space plasma physics professor at UNH and lead author of the study.

Nissan IMx Is a Self-Driving Concept Car

Nissan Design Europe boss Mamoru Aoki thinks that Nissan IMx is not just a concept car, in his opinion the concept car will become a breakthrough model. “Nissan IMx is not just a concept car. In a few years, it will appear in production.” “I think the production version of the IMx concept will become a breakthrough model” says Nissan Design Europe boss Mamoru Aoki. Last October Nissan debuted a concept at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show with a longer driving range and more power than Leaf. The car is called IMx which was built on the same platform as the second-generation Nissan Leaf.

Twins Astronauts: How Astronaut DNA Differs from His Twin Brother

Twins astronauts have lived a year separate from each other. One of the twins astronauts  Scott Kelly has recently spent one year in space, while his identical twin brother Mark (a former NASA astronaut himself) stayed on Earth. The mission was part of an important health experiment, looking at how being in space affects our bodies. “Mark and Scott Kelly are still identical twins; Scott’s DNA did not fundamentally change,” wrote NASA news chief Kelly Humphries in an email. “What researchers did observe are changes in gene expression, which is how your body reacts to your environment”.

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