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Top 10 Facts about Mysterious Object Oumuamua that We Force to Know

NASA scientists have conducted top 10 facts about the strange and mysterious object known as Oumuamua that we need knowing.

This strange visitor is the first object ever seen in the solar system that is known to have originated elsewhere.  And NASA team has prepared 10 facts about Oumuamua that maybe we know or maybe we do not know which passes through our solar system.

Fact One – According to NASA the object is not from around here. Oumuamua was traveling too fast (196,000mph). Comets and asteroids from within our solar system move at a slower speed, typically an average of 12 miles per second (19 kilometers per second). In non-technical terms, ‘Oumuamua is an “interstellar vagabond.”

Fact Two – We know that the mysterious object entered our solar system from the rough direction of the constellation Lyra, but we do not know where it originally came from. “Thousands of years ago, when ‘Oumuamua started to wander from its parent planetary system, the stars were in a different position so it’s impossible to pinpoint its point of origin. It could have been wandering the galaxy for billions of years”, says NASA.

Fact Three – It is evident that ‘Oumuamua is out of here. ‘Oumuamua is headed back out of our solar system and won’t be coming back.

Fact Four – The real appearance is not clear to us. We’ve only seen it as a speck of light through a telescope but owing to its unique rotation it is like a cigar, about 10 times longer than it is wide.

Fact Five –  ‘Oumuamua got an unexpected boost in speed. The acceleration slightly changed its course from earlier predictions. You may find more detailed information here.

Fact Six – According to NASA the mysterious object is tumbling.

Fact Seven – [Comets in our solar system kick off lots of dust and gas when they get close to the Sun, but ‘Oumuamua did not, which led observers to consider defining it as an asteroid].

Fact Eight – The discovery of an interstellar object has been anticipated for decades. The space between the stars has billions and billions of asteroids and comets roaming around independently.

Fact Nine – It became no longer visible to telescopes after January 2018, even in space.

Fact Ten – There is a good chance to witness another interstellar object. Karen Meech, an astronomer at the University of Hawaii’s Institute of Astronomy: “I can hardly wait for the next interstellar object”.

Source: NASA