Lightning Forming

15000 volts and wood may help to observate Lightning Forming

It is very difficult to catch a form of each separate lightning for a short period during the observation of lightning in the sky. But if to direct 15 000 volts on a leaf of multilayered plywood, it is possible to observe the “formation” in details. The student of New York Pratt Institute Melanie Hoff recorded a video, which allows to observe the formation of difficult structures and figures of Likhtenberg. The figures of Likhtenberg are known for a long time, they represent models of distribution of spark channels which are formed on the dielectric surface. For the first time supervision over distribution of spark channels was observed scientific by G.K.Likhtenberg in 1777 in honor of which this phenomenon and received his name.

The author of the video Melanie Hoff commented that the fibers of wood influence to the character and the direction, layers of an interline interval and glue holding them influence to the process of growth, it proceeds much more slowly”. The growth of “figures” which proceeds much more slowly, than it is observed at formation of lightning, reminds of complexity and beauty of the Universe.


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