Americans Become More Anxious This Year than 2017, Politics Is One of the Reasons

Americans Become More Anxious This Year than 2017, Politics Is One of the Reasons

A new survey has revealed that currently Americans become more anxious than last year.  So, if you notice that you are also more anxious in comparison with last year, do not be surprised, the new study has proved. American Psychiatric Association’s Public Opinion Poll has discovered that Americans become more anxious and worried in 2018 . The causes are different, and one of the surprising causes is Politics, but we are going to speak about these reasons below.

The research has been realized with approximately 1,000 people, who were belonged to the American population. The survey looked at their anxiety levels in terms of five key factors. These factors were safety, health, politics, paying bills and expenses, and relationships with family, co-workers, and friends.

In general, safety and health emerged the most anxiety, with 68 percent of people feeling anxious about the safety of themselves or their family and the same percentage feeling concerned about their health. Safety caused more people to feel extremely worried thoughts, with 36 percent of people feeling “extremely anxious” about safety and 28 percent feeling the same way about their health.

The Reasons of the anxiety!

  • One of the reasons of anxiety is politics. It has also been a big cause of worry in America this year, with 56 percent of people reporting anxiety and 20 percent reporting extreme anxiety about the impact of politics on their daily lives.
  • According to survey the problems of health and safety are because of finances, with 67 percent of people feeling anxious about being able to pay their bills. At the same time, 35 percent of people said this made them feel extremely anxious.
  • People were least worried about their relationships, although 48 percent of people still reported some level of anxiety.

“Worryingly, anxiety in all five areas is higher than it was last year. In 2017, 63 percent of people were worried about safety and health, 56 percent about finances, 51 percent about politics, and 46 percent about relationships. 36 percent of people in 2017 said they were more anxious than they were in 2016. Nevertheless, it’s not all bad news. Although 39 percent of people said they felt more anxious in 2018, 19 percent said they felt less anxious, and 39 percent said their anxiety levels had not changed” reported IFLScience.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), about 40 million Americans have an anxiety illness, equating to almost a fifth of the entire population.

Source: IFLScience