Ancient water keeps secrets

Ancient water keeps secrets of life on Earth and Mars

Finding of sources of ancient water will help scientists to answer fundamental questions of emergence of life on Earth. The international team of scientists from Great Britain and Canada opened ancient deposits of the water, which age is estimated approximately at 1,5-2 billion years. This water was completely isolated from waters of the World Ocean and covered deeply underground. Interestingly that this water contains many all set of the chemical elements necessary for emergence of life.
Scientists assume that the water found by them can be the most ancient on the earth and contain traces of any forms of life. Detailed research of this water will help scientists to learn how microbe life can arise and exist in isolation.
Ancient water keeps secretsResearchers from Manchester, Lancaster, Toronto and Makmaster found the most ancient water on a planet in mines in Ontario (Canada) at a depth of 2,4 kilometers by means of the most advanced equipment provided by University of Manchester.
In ancient water gases soluble in water, such as were found: hydrogen, methane, various isotopes, helium, neon, argon, xenon. Hydrogen it was revealed as much, how many and in deep waters of the World Ocean. All these gases can produce enough energy for life of microbes.
Scientists suspect that just the same deposits of ancient water existed and on Mars. In any case, studying of ancient water on Earth can shed light and on development of microbe life on Mars.