Aqua Battery Which are Charged Out of the Water

The developers of the Japanese company Aqua Power System Japan have been developed and presented innovative and, most importantly, completely eco-friendly battery chargers. Henceforth, the world has rechargeable batteries, that are called NoPoPo Aqua Battery, and that can effectively be recharged after they are dropped into the water. NoPoPO name is shorthand of words No Pollution Power, an energy that doesn’t pollute the environment. Presented mechanism is one of the latest developments, created by Japanese developers in battery technology. This amazing battery can be recharged from a traditional drinking water. As a charger, you can use any water-based liquid, such as juices, beer, cola, alcohol, and even saliva.

The battery more similar to a small electric generator. And the battery lasts a long time at least two decades to the owner. In this case it will need charging no more than 5 times during this period.