Some Alien Planets Could Be Made of Diamonds

Some alien planets could be packing some major bling, according to a new study that predicts planets around other stars could be made largely of diamond. According to Ohio State University Earth scientist Wendy Panero, leader of the study, they think a diamond planet must be a very cold, dark place. These potential giant terrestrial planets, whose insides could be up to 50-percent diamond, are dubbed “carbon super-Earths” by scientists. Diamonds are very good at transferring heat, so a carbon super-Earth’s interior would quickly freeze as all its heat escaped.  

Without strong heat in its core, like Earth has, a diamond planet would have no geothermal energy,  which  means  it  would  lack  plate  tectonics,  a  magnetic field  and   an  atmosphere all things thought to make Earth so hospitable to life. According to Cayman Unterborn, a graduate student at Ohio State University it’s possible for planets that are as big as fifteen times the mass of the Earth to be half made of diamond.