Artificial Volcanoes Will Fight With Global Warming

Recently has been constructed plan, which its creators call “artificial volcano”. With the help of its can be sprayed into the atmosphere a substance that retains the sun’s rays. Specialists of Engineering Geology preparing to announce the world’s first field test of “artificial volcano”. The concept of SRM (solar radiation management) based on the cooling effect of volcanic eruptions. The essence of the plan is as follows: pumped up with helium   huge  balloon   will   be placed at  a  height  of  nearly 25 kilometers  from  the Earth’s surface. 

Stay in place it will be through a giant hose, which, in turn, will throw “saving” chemical particles in the stratosphere. Droplets of sulphate and aerosol dust, reflecting the sun’s rays will not allow them to heat the planet’s surface. Holding of tests is planned for October. Tests will not harm the environment, but according to representatives of several environmental organizations in Great Britain, the subsequent use of such a system can be dangerous.