Bag With Built-in Solar Panel

Bag with built-in solar panel Element5 Mini L Solarbag not only protects your iPad from bumps and scrapes, but also extend battery life. Here is used the solar panel fundamentally new design, called BluCell, which makes effective use of solar energy. Mini L Solarbag BluCell -Solar Panel provides its internal eMicro battery with a constant flow of energy as soon as sunlight hits your bag.eMicro’s capacity is enough to recharge your iPhone  three times and that’s calculated without the constant income of solar energy.

The eMicro powers iPad 50% up in just about three hours through an advanced 10W, 2A output connector and fully recharges iPhone in just two hours. And while you’re charging your devices, the eMicro just keeps filling up  again  because it’s cleverly designed to take and give energy at the same time.In complete there is also built-in rechargeable battery and cable to connect to the iPad. Cost Element5 Mini L Solarbag about $ 412.In the future solar bags will be perfected in form.